Fleur spent ten years working predominantly in energy science, consulting to resources companies across Australia.  This work took her to some of the most remote parts of Australia, with the majority of travel done by light aircraft. The aerial view of Western Australia remains the most dramatic influence on her work and has inspired her Vast Country of Mine series. The contrast between the red desert plains, crystal blue waters and milky white sands of Western Australia can mystify even the most unimaginative audience. The view from above renders natural and manmade formations magical and inexplicable.

Closer to home, the Swan River and Leighton Beach host a hive of activity that capture the imagination and inspire her series Swanning About. The weekend yacht races transform the Swan River and Leighton Beach into a stage; the yachts appear to be dancing as they sail across the water, as clusters of kite surfers enter an ethereal realm.

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