Margaret River Galleries Christmas Exhibition, December / January

Final Commissioning ‘Beachcomber‘ Bickley, Rottnest Island

Concept Development WA Museum Percent for Public Art Project



Perth Contemporary Artfair
Towards West End launch

Nov – Jan

Rottnest Island Sculptor in Residency
Salt Store, Rottnest Island
Towards West End
Public Art Sculpture to be Installed at West End


Nov-Dec Exhibition

Realm of Perception, Perth
Stolid Fine Art Gallery
Joint exhibition with Vladimir Kush

2011 Awards

Bonnie Born

2010 Awards

Chapman & Bailey Belle Arti Art Award


Young Artists With Artitude Award


Mandorla Art Prize



“We had been looking to buy some art when (my husband) made Partner. We looked for months…the painting is everything we were looking for, but more.”

Lions and Tigers and Birds private commission

“Nobody has captured Crawley Bay in this way. I look at the Bay every day, but had never before seen the yachts as dancers. Now that’s all I see.”

Swanning About II private commission

“I don’t think I could part with her.”
“She (needs) a big white wall where she can command her own space”.

Master Juggler private commission